Introductory Remarks



Peasants, Virgins, Nation-States, and Emancipation:

Womanhood and Manhood in South East European History


Krassimira Daskalova

Women, Nationalism and Nation-State in Bulgaria (1800 – 1940s)

Andrej Studen

A Woman's Place is in the Home

Ana Stolia

Vocation or Hobby: Social Identity of Female Teachers in the Nineteenth Century Serbia

Ljupeo Risteski

The Woman in Macedonian Folk Culture

Aneta Svetieva

Female Seniority Principle and Accompanying Elements in the Traditional Culture of Macedonians

Predrag Šareevia

Sex and Gender Identity of “Sworn Virgins” in the Balkans

Radina Vueetia

The Emancipation of Women in Interwar Belgrade and the “Cvijeta Zuzoria” Society

Kristina Popova

Stories upon Fabric: Popular Women's Needlework in the mid-20th Century Bulgaria

Violeta Achkoska

Lifting the Veils from Muslim Women in the Republic of Macedonia Following the Second World War

Petar Vodenicharov

Fighting Masculinity in a Communist State? On the Discourse of Real Socialism in Bulgaria

Andrea Peto

Women’s Life Stories: Feminist Genealogies in Hungary



Tales, Transitions, Wars, and Matchmaking:

Contemporary Gender Relations in South Eastern Europe


Ulf Brunnbauer

From Equality without Democracy to Democracy without Equality?

Women and Transition in Southeast Europe

Judith R. Dushku

Romanian Women Tell Transition Tales: Oral Histories of Romanian Women of the Post-Communist Decade

Daša Duhaeek

Gender Perspectives on Political Identities in Yugoslavia

Reana Senjkovia

Romanticising Rambo: Masculinity and Social Perceptions of War in Croatia 1991-1995

Rada Drezgia

International Matchmaking: Ukrainian Brides for Serbian Men

Biljana Dojeinovia-Nešia

Abysses, Absences, Equilibrium: Representations of Historical Male Figures in Contemporary Women's Prose in Serbia



Roles, Courses, Methodology:

Gender in History Teaching


Katarina Kolozova

Politico-Methodological Aspects of Defining the Contextual Specificity of South-Eastern Europe

Jasna Bakšia-Muftia

Short Overview of Teaching Gender History in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Michael Mitterauer

Gender Roles in History Teaching


A Short Guide to Gender Studies, Women's Studies and Women's Organizations in South Eastern Europe




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